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Your taxi operator in Guadeloupe for trips all distances. We drive you 24/7 with or without reservation.

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Our transport company, Allo Taxi Guadeloupe (available throughout the island and more particularly in Trois-Rivières and Les Abymes), is joinable via different ways, all at your disposal:

you can call us directly via our telephone number or use our online contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your requests or queries.

You have already made a reservation and would like to change or cancel it? No problem, just call us to reorganise your journey from any location on the Island directly with the person who will be transporting you.

A simplified booking

Book a taxi in Guadeloupe

In order to offer you an efficient on-demand transport service in Guadeloupe, we put at your disposal a booking module, allowing you to select very quickly the information specific to the journey you want to make.

We will then take care of picking you up and take you where you want to go, from Saint-François to Les Abymes, Trois-Rivières, Pointe-à-Pitre and many other destinations.

Book your trip as soon as possible to benefit from the best transport service on the Island !

Regulated Guadeloupe taxi fares = no surprises. Contact us for an estimate of your driver’s price.


Comfortable Taxi in Guadeloupe

Are you looking for an on-demand taxi in Les Abymes or Trois-Rivières, capable of taking you where you want with a regulated price ? You’ve come to the right place ! Our taxi company based in Les Abymes, with a long experience in the field, provides you with a vehicle with taxi driver in Guadeloupe as soon as possible, to travel throughout the island of the Caribbean Archipelago.

Our efficiency is no longer to be proven and we provide a whole range of different services : from the transfer by Taxi between Trois-Rivières and the airport, to simple daily trips across the island, we are the transport company of reference throughout Guadeloupe.

A comfortable ride

All services aboard our cars

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Our services in detail


With our taxi company in Guadeloupe, you have nothing to worry about : we transport you 24/7. Whether you need to make a quick trip to a nearby town on a Sunday, or are returning from a drunken Saturday night after midnight, our experienced taxi driver from Les Abymes and/or Trois-Rivières will pick you up. He will make your journey in the shortest possible time to make your transport in the greatest safety and with total professionalism.

Do you want to travel by Taxi from one end of Guadeloupe to the other ? Our dedicated transport service allows you to quickly book a taxi driver in Les Abymes, able to help you in an urgent situation, for journeys of all kinds and over all distances.

Available Taxi in Guadeloupe

Les Abymes, Trois-Rivières, Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-François, we serve all the localities of Guadeloupe for you in a service adapted to your request.

Our taxi driver is totally at ease with long journeys and provides you with services allowing you to be at your ease during your travels. We take you by taxi from Les Abymes and Trois-Rivières to multiple destinations and are committed to getting you where you need to go.

Simplified organisation for all your destinations

It is not always easy to quickly organize a trip across the island of Guadeloupe, so we are here to free you from the burden of organization that this requires. Your driver will pick you up at the time and place of your choice and will take you precisely to your chosen destination, always taking the shortest and most advantageous route for you.

With our transport and taxi company in Guadeloupe, no more long questions about how you will be able to anticipate and manage a trip to a faraway destination, we take care of everything and make sure that you have nothing to think about so that you can travel quietly until your arrival.

You can reach us as soon as possible and book your taxi on demand from Les Abymes or Trois-Rivières, which will be able to transport you reliably throughout Guadeloupe.

Our taxi company offers a special shuttle service dedicated to transfers to the airport Guadeloupe-Caribbean Pole.

Shuttle Taxi to and from Guadeloupe Airport

Whether you want to go by taxi from Trois-Rivières, Pointe-à-Pitre or Les Abymes to the airport of Guadeloupe-Pôle Caraïbes, we offer you a very special service. In the case of an arrival by plane, our driver will be able to wait for you on the car park closest to your terminal and help you carry your luggage inside the vehicle. You won’t have to worry about the means of transport to reach your home in Les Abymes or further away by the sea, we will be there to save you any hassle, whether it’s late in the evening or early in the morning.

Hotel Shuttle to Airport

During your holidays, simplify your connections with the airport of Guadeloupe-Pôle Caraïbes by calling our taxi driver in Les Abymes. He will welcome you with a smile upon arrival and will take care of loading your luggage before dropping you off at your hotel. On the way back, he will enjoy collecting your impressions of the island of Guadeloupe.

Our vehicles, just like our taxi drivers, adapt to your needs and allow you to spend serene and pleasant journeys, without the stress of arriving on time for your air travel.

Our experience and professionalism for a successful transfer

Travel with peace of mind by using our taxi on demand services in Guadeloupe. Our driver has been providing transfers and shuttles with the airports of Guadeloupe-Pole Caraïbes for many years and he will know how to make you benefit from this experience to ensure 100% of your needs.

It is also within this context that we offer an extensible service, allowing you to make your connections with the seaports to embark to the neighbouring islands of the Archipelago.

Our company Allo Taxi Guadeloupe ensures your transfers to ferry terminals and cruise ports such as the port Guadeloupe-Pôle Caraibes in Point-à-Pitre. Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of the island, we know how to best manage the routes to get you there as soon as possible, even in emergency situations.

Taxi Transfer between Les Abymes and the Maritime Stations of the Island

We propose to take you to all the maritime stations of Guadeloupe; port and maritime station of Pointe-à-Pitre, port of Saint-François or port of Trois-Rivières to name but a few.

Whether it’s a regular trip, a stopover during your cruise or a departure to another island in the Archipelago, we respond to your request by offering you the best services in the field.

What are our advantages ?

Taxi shuttle service will be provided directly from a place of your choice, be it your home, a hotel or other. The taxi driver in Trois-Rivières and Les Abymes who will make your trip will be fully prepared to meet your expectations. We can sometimes face unforeseen circumstances and it is therefore essential to have a flexible and reliable means of transportation.

You will be able to count on our ability to adapt and react to emergencies and we will be able to offer you an impeccable taxi transport service based on your needs.

Shuttle serving the whole island

So, do not hesitate any more for your transfers from and to the seaports of Guadeloupe. Contact us from Les Abymes, Trois-Rivières, Pointe-Noire, Vieux-Habitants or Pointe-à-Pitre.  

Palm trees, fine sandy beaches, idyllic blue sea… Welcome to Guadeloupe ! To serenely enjoy your trip to Guadeloupe, call a professional transport to get to the paradisiacal beaches of the island.

Year-round beaches transfer

From January to December, we offer to drive you to your favorite beaches, while enjoying the varied landscape that Guadeloupe offers us. Between volcanoes, tropical forests and bays, let yourself be transported and plunge into a remarkable water in the heart of the Caribbean. Contact us from your hotel or your home and we will come and pick you up quickly so that you can fully enjoy its heavenly beaches.

From Trois-Rivières to Anse-Bertrand

Our taxi driver in Guadeloupe covers the whole island, Grande and Basse Terre. Here are some of the beaches where we offer to drive you by taxi from Les Abymes or any other place in Guadeloupe :

  • Grande Anse Beach near Deshaies
  • Malendure Beach near Bouillante
  • Beach of Bois Golan near Sainte-Anne
  • Plage de la Caravelle à Sainte-Anne
  • Beach of the Datcha at Gosier
  • Plage du Souffleur in Port Louis
  • Any other beach on request

To find out more about our beach transfer service we invite you to contact us by phone or via our contact form. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, book your taxi online for all your trips in Guadeloupe.

Are you on a business trip or a sightseeing tour in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean archipelago ? Are you staying in a hotel in Trois-Rivières such as Le Jardin Malanga Hotel or La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa in Le Gosier ? Do you want to move quickly on the island? It is in this context, and many others, that we offer transfers to hotels in the Grande and Basse Terre.

Taxi transfer to any hotel 24 /7

In case your evening is over around 4 am and you have no means of transport to get back to your hotel, think about Taxi Guadeloupe. Call us immediately and we intervene as soon as possible to accompany you safely and with the utmost professionalism to your hotel in Guadeloupe.

Available 24/7, it is very easy for us to act quickly and send a competent taxi driver to meet all your needs.

Quality service and comfortable vehicle

Within the framework of your personal or professional travels, from the Infiniti Blue Hotel in Bouillante or any other hotel in Guadeloupe, our taxi company is the ideal solution for your travels. We take care of all your requests and can provide you with a quality service, with a comfortable, fully air-conditioned vehicle, so that in addition to traveling quickly to your destination, you are also in optimal and positive conditions.

Our experienced driver knows the island perfectly, he will drive you from the seaport or the airport to your hotel as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy your holidays as soon as possible.

Our business service is totally adapted to business trips from Les Abymes to all the localities of the island.

Driver available and at your disposal

Are you passing through Guadeloupe on business? You are landing at the airport Guadeloupe-Pôle-Caraïbes to attend a seminar on the island? By choosing our Taxi aux Abymes company, you will be accompanied by a local driver who knows the island like the back of his hand. In addition to driving you as soon as possible and in complete safety, he will be able on your request to inform you about the tourist sites not to be missed during your free time.

Reliable and easily accessible transport

In any case, our transport service is totally reliable. You will be able to be driven to a specific place, do your business or work there, and then leave for another place, in all simplicity. Your driver will pick you up and make your trips always strictly on time, for your daily and punctual trips.

What are the advantages of our Business private transport service ?

The advantage of our service is that it will allow you to have your own private driver who will be able to meet your business expectations. You will benefit from a comfortable vehicle that is totally adapted to discreet and classy travel. You will be able to get into the car with a client, colleague or other and make a good impression. It is sometimes very interesting to have a dedicated driver for a client you want to convince, if only for your own credibility, when signing a contract or other.

Do not hesitate to contact us and see with our drivers the modalities of the business service that we offer you. We are constantly adapting to the demands of our passengers to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

For your wedding to take place in the best conditions, it is essential to have a route planned in advance and a way to get around efficiently. Our wedding transportation service is totally designed to meet all your needs on the day of your wedding.

Why would you need a taxi driver for a wedding ?

Marriage is a very complicated day to organize and it can sometimes take you a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is essential for us to make you save time with regard to the routes and everything that has to do with your means of locomotion.

In Les Abymes and all over Guadeloupe, we personally accompany you or your guests through all the destinations you want. From the church or the town hall to the village hall, our personal private driver will drive you to the best places in Guadeloupe.

Late Evening Transportation

Are you planning to enjoy and finish the party until late at night or early in the morning ? No problem, we will also be at your disposal to help you make the most of this unique day. You won’t have to worry about the means of transport and the route, we will take care of all your travel arrangements and allow you to return safely home once the festivities are over.

Your dedicated driver will be extremely discreet, polite and neatly dressed. He will be totally exemplary so that you will always be in constant satisfaction. It is very important for us to offer you a high quality service.

A few words about Guadeloupe

During your stay in Guadeloupe you will discover this particular island separated by an arm of the sea called “la Rivière Salé“. On one side is the Basse Terre with Trois-Rivières, Vieux Fort or Bouillante and on the other side is La Grande Terre with Pointe-à-Pitre, Les Abymes, Saint-François but also Port Louis. Accessible by sea, Marie Galante, the island of Petite-Terre and the islands of Les Saintes complete the island located in the Antilles archipelago.  

Excursions and tourist guides

Our taxi driver in Trois-Rivières and Les Abymes offers you to discover Guadeloupe, while moving around in his vehicle. According to your tastes, your schedule and your knowledge or not of the island we will concoct a tailor-made excursion. Among the sites that we propose you to discover, here are some examples :

  • Le Jardin botanique in Deshaies (botanic garden)
  • Le parc des Mamelles (Zoo of Guadeloupe)
  • La Porte d’Enfer’s site
  • L’aquarium de la Guadeloupe
  • « La Maison du Cacao »’s museum
  • The Rhum Bologne’s Distillery
  • Notre-Dame-de-Guadeloupe Cathedral of Basse-Terre
  • And many other surprises…

The islands south of Guadeloupe are tourist sites that you will enjoy discovering. To get there, our driver will take you to the seaport on the day of your choice.


What are our advantages ?

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